About Us

Fish Shack Marketing & Promotions specializes in creating more sales, higher profits, customer retention, and better closing percentages for businesses by providing travel incentives to elicit buying behavior. Using travel incentives to impact customer behavior, Fish Shack Marketing provides programs that motivate and inspire customers to buy.  We work with a variety of industries like home improvement, heath & fitness, automobile sales & service and more. Literally any business looking to increase sales, retain clients, and generate more referrals can use travel incentives to impact their business. Travel Incentives are the best way to motivate and reward customers, and if utilized properly can have a greater impact on a business than any other form of promotion. Based in Southern California, Fish Shack Marketing & Promotions offers over 20 years of travel incentive sales, and marketing experience in a variety of industries and have the knowledge of the industrty to teach our clients how to make more money. At Fish Shack Marketing we help our clients “HOOK” more customers!!

Why Us?

Fish Shack Marketing’s Management Team has over 30 years of combined experience in the direct sales & marketing industry with an emphasis in home improvement, health & fitness clubs, and automotive sales as well as extensive experience in the timeshare industry.  Fish Shack’s owners have been using travel incentives in a multitude of industries for years, and understand how these tools if used properly will impact a businesses bottom line more than anything they’ve used. Fish Shack’s owners have spent decades in the travel incentive industry, and have used these tools in health clubs, home improvement companies and auto dealerships, and know exactly what companies want when it comes to generating more business.  

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Fish Shack Marketing & Promotions offers a variety of monthly membership packages all designed to increase sales and profits.  In the home improvement business Fish Shack’s products increase demo percentages, reduce “1 leggers”, and incentivize “1 call” closing. In the auto sales industry they generate more test drives which leads to more sales, and in the fitness industry they create more initial visit closing, and drive sales inside the club.  With no long terms contracts to sign, Fish Shack Marketing is so confident that their programs will drive higher profits that you can cancel the program at anytime. Let Fish Shack Marketing & Promotions help you “HOOK” more customers!